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Officiating has been taken over by Swim Canada and is currently being re-organized.

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Archive Information:

The Ontario Swimming Officials Association is the formal body which oversees the officials who make the swim meets our kids participate in happen.  Each swim club in Ontario must have a certain number of registered officials in order to be able to run a Swim Ontario sanctioned swim meet.  Our club asks that each family have at least one individual register with OSOA.  As mentioned at our orientation session, we have only one mandatory meet where all club families are required to participate in the running of the meet:  The Mike Brown Invitational meet which will be run on January 9-11, 2015.  The club will run some clinics for new officials and for officials wanting to upgrade their qualifications.  The link to the OSOA is

Once you have opened a new account, it will go to Siobhan Muldowney (Club Officials' Chair) for approval.  From your account you may log into the education site to do online courses, or sign up for "in person"  courses. There are two dates worth mentioning regarding "in-person" clinics:

The Eastern Ontario Regional Officials clinic day will be held on Saturday October 4th. Log into your OSOA account and click on "Clinics".  You will see a number of clinics which are available.  The clinic day will be held at St Paul High School, 2675 Draper Avenue in Ottawa.

Our club will host a Level 1 Timekeeper clinic on Saturday October 25th at 8 am (during Team swim).  This is in anticipation of our first meet, the always fun Spooky Halloween meet on October 26th.  New parent officials should plan on attending.  There will be coffee and muffins. 

Ontario Swim Officials Association website:
________________________________________________________________________________The Online clinics can be found at the OSOA website:
Your OSOA account links you to the online clinics. The password is the same.

Level 1 Timekeeper and Safety Marshall:     swimfun
Level 2 Strokes and Turns                           swimfun2
Level 2 Chief Timekeeper                            funswim3
Level 2 Chief Finish Judge                           swimtime
Level 2 Clerk of Course                              swimfinals
Level 2 Recorder Scorer                             splash12
Level 2 Meet Management                          chlorin8d
Level 2 Chief Judge Electronics                   swimrocks


Update from Swim Canada:

Hello Stingrays parents!

Welcome and welcome back! We’re looking forward to a great swim season.
As most of you already know, a big part of the swim season involves swim meets. Short course
season (25 meter pool) runs from September to February and long course season (50 meter
pool) runs from April until July/August (especially for the older swimmers). This is where our
swimmers strut their stuff.

Swim meets are also a significant source of fundraising for our club. We run up to three meets
in the year: The Spooky Meet in October, the Mike Brown Invitational in January and the
possibility of a meet in the spring. Swim meets require a lot of organization and need the
support and help from every family. The biggest area of need is that of the officials.
Swim Ontario as well as the Perth Stingrays recognize that having an active body of parent/
officials is essential to the progress and success of the club. We can’t run swim meets without
you! The Officials section of Swim Ontario has gone online with registering officials. Their
website can be found at the Ontario Swim Officials Association: This is where you
will be able to register as an official. It is also where you can find a link to the online courses,
record your deck evaluations as well as review other officiating levels. As of the 2013-2014
swim season it is also where all signing up to work at swim meets will happen.

It is expected that every family will have at least one member (parent usually) who will step
forward as an official. This means everything from Level 1 (Timer, Marshall) to Level 2 (Stroke
and Turn, Starter, Chief Timer, Chief Finish, Clerk of Course, Meet Manager etc) to Level 3
(referee) and up. There is a role for everyone. As your swimmer progresses along in
competitive swimming, it’s expected that progress in level of official will also happen. Swim
Ontario requires every club to have ongoing training of officials and that, when needed, we will
provide officials to help at the larger regional and provincial meets. At our home meets it is
mandatory for all families to provide support as officials or other volunteers at the meet itself.

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