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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meet Fees Explained

We have had some inquiries lately from parents wanting to understand how the meet fees are calculated so here are the details.

There are two parts to the Meet Fees that you are charged.
  • The first is the fee per event. This is the fee that is paid for every event swum by your child. This fee is set by the meet management of the meet we are attending and it cannot be altered. Once our team entries are finalized and sent to the host club, our team is charged these fees regardless of whether the swimmer actually swims or not.
  • The second is the fee to cover coaching costs. This fee is calculated separately for each swim meet and is based on where the meet is happening, how many coaches are attending, and approximately how many swimmers are expected to attend the meet (usually based on the previous year as this must be estimated before we know for sure how many swimmers will attend). 
The club does not intend on making a profit through Meet Fees, The goal is simply to cover the costs. Our current financial records for the 2013-2014 season show that our meet costs are within 4% (we have paid out $8,201.36 in meet fees and coaching/mileage expenses, and taken in $8,563.91 in revenue). We will check these numbers again at the end of the season once all revenue and expenses are recorded.

Please feel free to contact Brandi ( or Shannon ( if you have any further questions regarding Meet Fees.

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