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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Master's Swim Meet in Ottawa

  Tom Anzai   (General Comments)
skip to next       Back to top Willy Lee Masters Swim Meet, Sat Nov 21 12:00-3:30 pm @ Brewer Pool hosted by Anzai! Inc. and Swim Ottawa

Read the info and register online before the deadline

Here's my have probably met a few people in your life who inspire and encourage others in spite of their own abilities. Back in the 90s, Marie and I swam with a Masters team called SWYM at the old (and now demolished) west end Y. We were the youngest whippersnappers in the pool at the time and enjoyed the pool comradery that still exists in that group today. One of the participants was Willy Lee who wasn't the most talented swimmer nor the healthiest due to numerous back surgeries but he had a grin and a chuckle that he used to encourage other Masters swimmers to participate regardless of skill. He used to also teach beginner swimmers at the Y as he enjoyed sharing his love of swimming to newbies. Sadly, Willy passed away in 2001. At the wake, I made a promise to his brother to hold a friendly meet in his honour. It's taken a few years to organize but the time is now as Anzai! Inc and Swim Ottawa hosts the Annual Willy Lee Masters Invitational on Saturday, November 21st at Brewer Pool. My goal is to have largest number of swimmers of all skills there. Here's what to expect:

  • 50s, 100s, and 200 CH of all strokes for all ages and abilities
  • Small meet format at less than four hours
  • Fun gong prizes for random heats
  • Announcer and DJ to help chase you down the pool
  • Fun relays at end

    Deadline Nov 18th noon. This will be our club highlight event of the season!
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