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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Intro Mini Meet (Tues., Dec. 15) and Pizza Party (Thurs., Dec. 17)

Dear Intro Parents,

At the end of every Intro session we like to let the kids experience what a swim meet is like. This session's Mini Meet will be held on Tuesday, December 15th, starting at 4 pm to roughly 6 pm. This is a great opportunity for your swimmer to get an initial experience of what a swim meet is like, along with his/her teammates and have some fun too!  There will be a warm up starting at 4pm, then the events. You are welcome to stay, watch and cheer!

If you are unable to get your child to the pool for the earlier start, please advise Taylor or Nancy (coaches) the time that they can be on deck and we will include them when they arrive.

Secondly, we are having a Pizza Party on Thursday, December 17th to celebrate the session! Pizza and a juice will be served to the swimmers at 5:15 pm in the multipurpose room at the pool. Athletes in the 5:15 pm slot are welcome to come at 4:25 pm if they would like to swim first, or just join us for pizza and social time at 5:15 pm to 6 pm.

Finally, congratulations to the 4:25pm group who successfully swam the 1500m distance from the pool to Tim Horton’s last week! They completed it over a few weeks in a 7 min continuous swim during each workout. The 5:10pm group is almost there too (just passing the Sunflower Bakery!).

Way to go swimmers!
Taylor & Nancy

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