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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

GO Kingfish meet this weekend (April 23-24)

We have received the following email from the COC for the Kingfish.  They are looking for volunteers for their meet this weekend.  If you are able to help, it's greatly appreciated.  Siobhan

"GO has been testing a new sign up system for visiting officials.  This new system will allow your club officials to sign up to volunteer to work at our meets without having to go to the GO COC or Officials Coordinator and wait for a response.  They will be able to sign up and see their name on the grid immediately.   That said, like every other meet, the Competition Coordinator (aka The Officials Formerly Known as the Meet Referee) retains the right to reassign any officials.  They will be contacted should this happen.

In order for your officials to use our system, they will need to do the following steps:

1.            go to
2.            Create a profile for themselves
3.            Then access the events/grids to volunteer
4.            they will also be able to "edit" their profile (link at top right).

The system is now up and running and has already been tested by a non-GO official.  If you have officials who are interested in helping out this weekend, they can use the link above to sign up.  The meet will be listed and available.  

Normally, the grids will be open only to GO parents as they have a team mandated volunteering commitment to satisfy and then approximately 3 to 4 weeks prior to the meet, the grid will open.  As a planning figure, we will strive to have the grids open to visiting officials on the 1st day of the month the meet is held.  This will allow for all to be able to plan.  

I hope that some of you will be able to avail yourselves of this service.

Thank you for your support at this meet and all past meets in which your club has supported all of our swimmers.



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